android sms voice reading app

SMS YellOut is a voice reading tool for incoming text messages while you are driving. It will minimize your distraction from driving and lower the risk of having an accident.

You can setup the operating hours to suit your regular driving time of a day and days of a week. For occasional drives, you can skip the settings, launch the app and go to driving mode.

There are quite a few cool features included in this app.
* detect silent mode to prevent reading.
* auto reply message using preset template.
* adjust reading volume and locale.
* play sms shorthands phrases in a smart way, eg. you will not hear brb as ‘brb’, but ‘be right back’.

Here is the link in android market (use your android phone to open it):
SMS YellOut

Or scan the barcode using your phone camera.

SMS YellOut - Android sms voice reading app

SMS YellOut - Android sms voice reading app


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